Some New Stuff and Some Not New Stuff


We got some new project bags! They are so cute.  There are several sizes, styles and colors.  Here is little tour for you. 

Both of these have holes to let the yarn through.  The bag on the right has a bottom section to hold the yarn with holes to feed it through into the bag portion. It sells for $43.  It has a drawstring top and a shoulder strap.  The little on on the left costs $24.

On the left are two drawstring bags.  The larger of the two costs $25 and the smaller one is $18.50.  Above is a set of two bags and a chart holder for $48.

Hurry, though, they are flying out the door.

Some Not New Stuff, but we thought it would be good to refresh you memory…

All the things you need to get those projects done.  There are too many to list, but you know what’s there.

And the featured category for this week is Oriental.  A great selection of really great canvases.

So what have we finished this week?

Leona got back several finished needlepoint projects this week.

Here are a few heading off to the finisher… We’ll try to show you what they look like when they come back.



How about some knitting.

Lynn, an accomplished crocheter, finished her first knitting project.  We are so proud!

Lisa’s first “not a rectangle” came out pretty awesome, don’t you think?

Check out Rose’s Yarn Yarn Bowl!  Lavish Praise!

Our very own Natalie is modeling a hat knit by Janet, and on the lovely Suzanne’s feet you see socks knit by Leona.

From this…                                                                     … to this.  A knitted “balloon animal.”


Georgie knit this oh so sweet barnyard blanket.  The pattern is in 60 More Quick Baby Knits.

Deanne stole a chance to sit in the boss’s chair.  It doesn’t happen often, so we captured it for posterity. 

Since it’s Christmas in July…

…you should check out the stockings.  There is quite a selection spread throughout the two rooms.  You can peruse them here.

How about some yarn.

Y’all, we carry a whole lot of Cascade! You should come feel all the different varieties. 

Eco +, Pearl, 220 Superwash, Pacific & Pacific Chunky.

Epiphany, Cloud, Alpaca Lace, 220, 220 Superwash Sport & Fixation.

Covington, Ultra Pima, Kid Seta, & Eco Duo.

Some finished objects…

Deanne finished the Gaia Shoulder Hug.

Leona finished these two canvases.

Lindsay finished her Elf School canvas.  Check back for a picture of it when it comes back from the finisher.

And a little surprise for Leona from some of the Tuesday night knitters.

Since Leona has a way with unicorns, some of her friends brought her one.  Unfortunately, the poor thing bled out on the floor.

Look at This

The sale is going very well. If you haven’t come in to take advantage of the discounts, you really should.  Most of the store is on sale for 20% off through the month of July.  Things like these canvases.

On the left is the wall full of Mini Socks.  You can find them on the website here.  On the right you see a whole lot of Mini Socks with Stuffers.  They are on the web over here.

These cute little canvases are ornaments and come with the dogs to stuff the ornament with.  You can see them on the website right here.

We got a box from Malabrigo today.  It was full of such wonderful goodies.  Most of it was Malabrigo Sock in a huge variety of colors.  Deanne is currently knitting a pair of socks with this yarn and it feels so good.  Leona and Deanne are both knitting a sweater with it as well.  It’s versatile as well as beautiful.

In addition to Sock, the box contained a new color of Rios.  Here is a picture.

On the right you see the other surprise in the box… nine colors of Malabrigo Lace.  A skein contains about 470 yards, it is 100% Baby Merino wool and costs only $9.

And now for a few finished objects. 

Deanne finished a sweater.  It’s Flaming June from  It’s knit with Classic Elite Soft Linen, which of course is available at your favorite LYS.

Deidre finished her “Shawl That Never Ends.” Lavish Praise, Deidre!

Our designated Tuesday night supermodel, Marley is modeling a scarf of her own making (left) and a Wingspan shawl that Suzanne knit.

Remember Leona’s challenge to knit one chemo cap a month?  Well here are the results of that challenge for last month.  These are quick and easy to knit and are a great use for those leftovers in your stash.  And of course you get to knit something that can be an encouragement to someone going through a tough time.

Christmas In July Sale!

It’s that time of year again.  Christmas in July. 
Most everything is 20% off. 
How’s your stash? 

And of course you need to know when to have those projects done if you are sending them off to be finished. To have your decorative pillows, large stand-up or kissing ball project back by…

…Halloween… have it to us by August 17
…Thanksgiving… have it to us by September 7
…Christmas… have it to us by August 30

To have your brick, regular pillow, tote, purse or stocking project back by Christmas, have it to us by October 7. If you miss the deadline, the late fee will be $25.

New Stuff!!

Silk Lamé Braid in a bunch of new colors.

New knitting magazines… Vogue Knitting and Knit ‘n Style.

 Some Finished Objects.

Bunny Sweater knit by Georgie.  On the right you can see a close-up of the bunnies.  Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Socks and a shawl finished by Deanne.  The socks are knit using Kaleidoscope, and the shawl is knit using Silk Splash.  Both yarns are by Blue Ridge Yarns.

A couple of needlepoint projects back from the finishers.  Leona stitched these.