Things to Like About June

Georgie will finally get a grandDAUGHTER (who happens to be due to arrive on Deanne’s birthday).



It’s easy to spell.


A sale at your favorite needlepoint and knitting store.

Oh, that one caught your eye, did it?  Well I suppose you want the particulars.  Here you go…

25% off needlepoint canvases

(excludes full sized stockings, mini stockings with stuffers, New Orleans and select Halloween)

25% off most yarn (there are a few exclusions).


Another thing to like about June is the Saturday Snacks and Skills class.  It is on June 15 and is Dealing with Borders (needlepoint).  You can bring in a canvas you are currently working on, or has been neglected because you just don’t know what to do with the edge, or you can take advantage of the sale and pick a new canvas.  The class is $20 and you will be treated to some munchies while you learn.  You can peruse our canvases here.


While we are discussing Saturday Snacks and Skills, let me remind you of more upcoming classes.

July is the Santa Class.  This one is $150 ($75 due at registration), which includes the canvas, threads, stitch guide, instruction and of course some snacks.  Here are the Santa canvases to choose from.









August will be Stranded Knitting.  That is not a class about what to knit when you are stranded.  It is a class on colorwork knitting.  Here is an example of stranded knitting.  August 17, cost is $20 plus supplies.


We want to see your finished objects.

Here is some needlepoint.








This ‘n That

This week on the blog, we have a post full of reminders.

First up is Saturday Snacks and Skills.

On June 15 we have Dealing with Borders, a needlepoint class. The cost for the class is $20.  Bring a canvas with you, or we can help you pick one out to work on.

July 20 is another needlepoint class.  This time, it’s Santas.  There is a nice variety of sizes and styles to choose from.

These canvases can be finished as stand-ups, ornaments, pillows, candle holders or framed.  There are lots of options.

Of course if you are an overachiever like Georgie, you might go even bigger.

This class is $150 which covers the canvas, threads, stitch guide and class.  A $75 deposit is due when you register and choose your Santa.


Speaking of Santas, did you know that Christmas is right around the corner?  I know, I know.  It’s not actually right around the corner, but if you plan to give a needlepoint or knitted gift, you need to be planning and working now.  You can look at our Christmas canvases right here.   Needlepointers especially need to plan ahead, since it takes time to get things back from the finishers.  You can see the finishing deadlines here.


My final reminder for this week is about our clubs.  We have two. The Finishing Club and The Birthday Club.  Send 10 items to be finished through us and the 11th is free.  Send us your birthday and email address, and you will receive an invitation to save 20% off of one purchase during your birthday month.


And no blog post is complete without some finished objects.  This week we have a few finished needlepoint projects to show you.


Rhyme Time

It’s time again for another rhyme,

I hope you will indulge me,

As I wax poetic about this place,

Where we feed our creativity.


I’ll start this poem off with new needlepoint,

For Christmas, to spruce up your place,

A wide variety of Minis and Santas,

Will put a big smile on your face.



Next up I’ll show you all new yarn,

To whet your appetite,

For something new to be casting on,

And keeping you up at night.


You may have seen, we moved some yarn,

To keep you on your toes,

This wall will now, for awhile at least,

Be where the sale yarn goes.


So now I’m on to the finished stuff,

That’s made by you and us,

We are so proud of all your work,

So we like to make a fuss.




To finish off this French Knot verse,

Snacks and Skills on Saturdays,

June 15 at 10 am,

Canvas borders in many ways.


You Need Some Sunshine Today…

Since it’s raining and feels like it will never stop, I have a few new things to share with you that should brighten up your day.




Now don’t you feel better?  Those are happy and bright, aren’t they?  The top picture is a bunch of tape measures.  From the top and going clockwise you see an owl, a chicken, a turtle, a black sheep, a brown sheep, a sock monkey, a bunny, a queen bee (she has crown even!).  In the middle is a pig, and a bear.

And those stitch markers… OMG, right?  From left to right you see sheep, lady bugs, bees and Scotty dogs.

You’re welcome.


We also have some little stuff keepers.  The bags on the left come in a set of three.  On the right you see a collection of ort containers.  Leona tells me that ort means scraps.










Now how about some yarn?   This is Scrumptious DK/Worsted.  It is 45% silk and 55% merino, and a 241 yard skein costs $22.  It feels so good, you want to snuggle with it.  I was imagining the feel of it on my head as a hat…mmmmm.  I may have to cast one on with apologies to my darling husband for another excuse to neglect his sweater.



And here we have some special yarn hand dyed by Ann K.  You can take home some of this beautiful yarn for yourself.  Come in and see the colors in person.



Some new books and patterns came in this week as well…















Upcoming Saturday Snacks and Skills Classes…

This weekend, May 4 is the Cable Without a Cable Needle class.  We will be making a washcloth.  You don’t need to know how to knit cables to take this class. $20 (includes yarn)

June 15 will be a needlepoint class.  Dealing With Borders.  Bring a project you are already working on. $20



It’s time for some finished objects…


Margie is one prolific knitter, and she designs some of what she knits herself.  Here Deanne models a few of her most recent accomplishments.
















Leona did some knitting this week.










And she managed to finish these owls, too.  She hasn’t decided yet how they will be finished, but she has eight more to finish before she has to make a decision.



Georgie finished this sweater for her grandson.


What did you finish recently?