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We have added a Classes page to the website.  Now you can check what is being offered without having to search through old blog posts.  Of course we will continue to remind you here each week as well.  Come join the fun.  What could be better than learning a new skill (or improving an old one) while making new friends who share a common interest?

August 31 … Finishing a Garment … $25

If you have the pieces of a garment that you’ve put off sewing together, this is the perfect opportunity to get over that hurdle.

September 7th … Reading Your Canvas …  $40

So you have a new canvas, but don’t know how to choose the stitches.  This is the class for you.  You will need some stitch resources for this class.  Two that we highly recommend are:  The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen for $25 and Stitches to Go by Suzanne Howren & Beth Robertson for $20.  Both books are available here at the shop.

September 14th … Setting Up A Project in knitCompanion … $25

knitCompanion is an amazing iPad app that will make your knitting so much easier.  We will walk you through the process of setting up a project to get ready to knit.  Learn more about knitCompanion here.

September 21 … Needle felting … $25, price does not include kit.

You will learn how to use one of these needle felting kits to make the cutest little wool animals you’ve ever seen.


Needle-felting Kits
Needle-felting Kits


Socks …  October 12 & 26 … $40

This will be a two session class.  The first session will get your sock started.  The second session (two weeks later) will be turning the heel.  You will need sock yarn and appropriate needles for your yarn choice, either two sets of circular needles (16 inch is recommended) or double pointed needles.


New Canvases






New Needle and Scissor Bling

Hey Dee…


New Yarn

OMG, Y’all!!!  Sweet Georgia is here!!!


Sweet Georgia CashLuxe Fine
70% superwash merino, 20% cashmere, 10% nylon
400 yards…$32


Sweet Georgia Tough Love Sock
80% superwash merino wool, 20% nylon
425 yards…$24


Sweet Georgia Merino Silk Lace
50% merino wool, 50% silk
765 yards…$39

Book Signing

Terri DuLong stopped by last week to sign copies of her latest book, Postcards From Cedar Key.  We enjoyed chatting with her and hearing about upcoming books.


Finished Objects

There’s just a few to show you this week.

Meg’s newest grandbaby’s
stocking is off to the finisher.

DSCF4434Janet finished a sweet little hat.










Georgie’s grandaughter’s stocking.



A Short List

Coming at you a day early, from your favorite knitting & needlepoint shop is a short list of very important information.


Number 1!

Finishing Dates for Stockings, non-designer pillows, etc. has been changed to September 21.


Number 2!

New Canvases


New Minisocks
New Minisocks
New Christmas Trees
New Christmas Trees
Some Beachin' Star Ornaments
Some Beachin’ Star Ornaments
A Handful of Candy Corn
A Handful of Candy Corn
Some New Halloween Canvases
Some New Halloween Canvases
Some Little Carrots
Some Little Carrots



Number 3!


August 31… Finishing a Garment.

September 7… Reading Your Canvas

September 14… Setting Up A Project in knitCompanion (last week’s blog has the wrong date)

September 21… Needle Felting


Needle-felting Kits
Needle-felting Kits



Number 4!

Speaking of classes… our last class was a blast!

Linda's beginnings
Linda’s beginnings
Everybody working hard
Everybody working hard
Sandy's progress
Sandy’s progress
Linda's progress
Linda’s progress

Number 5!

Lindsay’s Back!!!

Welcome Back, Bug!!

6.  WIPs are for Wednesdays (and Tuesdays)

Remember that you can come knit or needlepoint with friends.  Don’t be shy, it’s a great opportunity to make some new friends and get some help with your WIPs.  Tuesday nights we are open until 8 pm and the group is always diverse and fun.  On Wednesdays, a group of mostly needlepointers are here for some fun stitching.


7.  Meg’s Mastering the Ropes around here.


DSCF4394 DSCF4414


8. Finished Objects


Fun Stuff, Learning Stuff, New Stuff & Finished Stuff

Fun Stuff


Who?  Terri DuLong
What?  Signing her book, Postcards From Cedar Key
When?  Wednesday, August 21, 1-3 pm


Learning Stuff

Classes, Classes, Classes…

August 17…This Saturday!!!  Stranded Knitting.

August 31… Finishing a Garment.

September 7… Reading Your Canvas

September 13… Setting Up A Project in knitCompanion


New Stuff


, ,



Finished Stuff


Finished Fred & Ginger

Finished Pillow,

Finished Pillow







Is It August Already?

I am happy and sad that it is August already.  I’m sad because it’s so stinking hot!  I’m happy because we have some great things happening around here this month.


One of the great things happening here is the book signing.  Terri DuLong is the author of the Cedar Key Series.  Terri’s characters are knitters and needlepointers.  She will be in the shop from 1-3 on Wednesday, August 21st to sign books.  You can buy a copy here, if you don’t already have one.

Speaking of books, did you know that the Knotty Knitters have a book club?  We have a group on Ravelry.  You can find it here.  We have a group for the shop on Ravelry as well.  We discuss lots of things over there.  If you haven’t discovered Ravelry yet, you should check it out.  It is a great resource.


Of course we have classes happening in August.

First up is Stranded Knitting on August 17th.  Cost for this class is $20 plus your supplies.  If you are registered for this class you need to come in to get the pre-class instructions and materials.

On August 31 is Finishing a Garment.  Cost is $25.  If you have the pieces of a garment that you’ve put off sewing together, this is the perfect opportunity to get over that hurdle.  If you don’t have pieces to sew up, you could start now on a baby sweater.  Stop in for some help choosing a project.

Of course the fun won’t stop in September.  September 7th is Reading Your Canvas.  Cost is $40.  Bring a canvas and learn how to choose stitches.  You need a stitch reference book.

September 14th will be Setting Up A Project in knitCompanion.  Cost is $25.  knitCompanion is an amazing iPad app that will make your knitting so much easier.  We will walk you through the process of setting up a project to get ready to knit.  You can learn more about knitCompanion here.

What else do I love about August?  How about these new canvases?





And in August, Georgie finished stitching her Amanda Lawford stand-up santa.  It’s already off to the finisher.  You can be sure we will post a picture of it when it comes back, and it will reside here at the shop except during the Christmas season when it will be helping to make her home festive.

Amanda Lawford stand-up santa, stitched by Georgie
Georgie finished her Amanda Lawford stand-up santa.

It’s rather impressive, isn’t it?


How about some finished objects?



Some Special Recognition.

Special Commendation…

Today, I’d like to introduce you to our friend Terry.  She goes to church at Christ Episcopal in Bay St. Louis.  The building was leveled by Hurricane Katrina.  When it came time for kneelers for the new building she gathered an army of about 20 stitchers to get the job done.  The kneelers were designed by her sister, Sandra, who lives in New Orleans.

The kneelers, have been blessed by the Bishop and are used every week during church services.  Nicely done, Terry and all who helped!


Special Event Reminders.

Book Signing….

Remember that Terri DuLong, author of Postcards From Cedar Key will be in the shop on August 21st from 1-3 pm to sign her books.  You can pick up your copy here anytime and then come back to meet Ms. DuLong.


Saturday Snack and Skills

Stranded Knitting, August 17th – $20 plus supplies.  There is pre-work necessary, so come pick out your yarn.

801 Deanne's Lusekofte-sque Mitts

Finishing A Garment, August 31 – $25.  Bring that sweater in pieces and we will teach you how to sew it up.  No more excuses.

Reading Your Canvas, September 7 – $40

Setting Up A Project in knitCompanion, September 14 – $25


Special Arrivals.


Special Opportunities…

Remember that you can buy Ravelry patterns through the shop.  If you have seen a pattern you like, and would like an easy way to purchase it, we may be able to get it through Ravelry.  There are thousands of patterns available through Ravelry.  It’s a great option for those patterns.



We are a kClub affiliate.  Go here to see what that means…


Special Projects…

Georgie’s Amanda Lawford Santa is coming along nicely.  You can stop in when she’s here to see it in person.


He’s almost done!!,Which eyes should the frog get?


That’s it for today.  I hope your day is super special!!