This Week From Diamondhead

Hooray! Spring is around the corner.  I thought I should remind you of that just in case you were losing hope.  Speaking of spring, let me add my voice to the many already announcing that this Sunday we spring ahead to Daylight Saving Time.  Don’t forget, or you’ll be late for church!



Now on to the News From The Knot.

Look what Leona is making!

photo 1

The yarn comes as a scarf.  You knit the sock (or whatever else you want to knit) while the scarf unravels.  We have lot of these fun kits to choose from.  They come with a  sock pattern.  You could buy one of these to use for the sock class.

photo 2


We have classes coming up!  I hope you’re excited.


March 8 — Counted Thread Ornament #3


It is not necessary that you have attended previous counted thread classes to attend this one or the next.


March 22 — Socks

Learn the basics of sock knitting and constructions.  We will do a basic cuff-down pattern with a heel-flap style heel.  Come brush up on techniques or get over that fear of socks.  It’s not as hard as you think.


March 29 — Counted Thread #4


April 5 — Setting Up A Project in knitCompanion

We have done this class twice already and have had great feedback.  knitCompanion is an amazing iPad app that will make you a better knitter.  I promise!  It comes with great tutorials, but sometimes it can be helpful to walk through the process with a guide.


April 12 — Hair & Fur Needlepoint Sampler

Learn stitches you can use to do hair and fur on your needlepoint projects.


May 3 — Reading Your Knitting

Do you know how to tell if the stitch you are looking at is a knit stitch or a purl stitch?  What about a k2tog versus an SSK?  How do you tell why you ran out of stitches before finishing a part of your pattern?  And what if you need to tink (that’s knit spelled backwards) a row to fix a mistake?  We will cover techniques that will give you tools to fix mistakes in your knitting.


Finished Objects

Just a few for you this week.  I especially like the Dead Fish Hat.