Happy Halloween!

New Canvases!



November is Trunk Show month!

Not just any trunk show, but a Burnett & Bradley Trunk Show.  Check out their gallery here, then come into the shop during November to pick up one of their super cute canvases.


Upcoming Classes!

Knitting 101 is this Saturday, October 31.  There is still some room. Come join us from 10-1.

Session two of the Ho Ho Ho Class is on November 14.

Crochet-A-Long Progress!

Deanne is making progress on her Crochet-a-long… Two more months (four squares) to go.

Deanne's CAL Afghan
Deanne’s CAL Afghan


You can see Joni’s progress here.

Finished Objects!

Happy Fall, Y’all!

Happy Fall, Y’all! Here at the shop, we are having a ball!

New bling is just the thing, it puts a song in my heart and makes me want to sing!

Sing, sing, sing. We have new bling!
Sing, sing, sing. We have new bling!

Next up, you see, to give you a grin, new canvases, surely your heart they will win.

Mittens, pumpkins, mini-stockings are here, and this “Sweet Dreams” makes me wanna cheer.


 Also new, for your knitting delights,


From Misti Alpaca, set socks, shawls and hats in your sights,

 Now on to some inspiring things nearly done,

Kathy's Squares
Kathy’s Squares

Crochet-a-long squares, we are having such fun.

Quilters are great, look what Magnolia Quilters made,


They are raffling it off, when $1 is paid,

We have tickets here, we’d be happy to share,

But I sure hope I win, I have $1 to spare.

Now finally, I’m done and I’ll close with a few,

Of the sort of things, that we like to do,