A Weekly Special and Some Finished Objects

Some Special Features

Everyone likes a sale.  This week’s special are these oh so cute angel ornaments.  You can see all the selections here, and there are several.  On the left is the canvas, which comes with instructions for finishing it yourself.  On the right is the finished angel.

25% Off For One Week

Also featured this week (but, sorry, not on sale)… knitting kits by Laura Nelkin. Those are beads you see in there.  A little pizazz. 


Butin Collar

 Some Finished Objects…

On the left is Georgie’s Ginger.  On the right and below are Pagodas stitched by Leona.  Those two are pretty good at this, don’t you think?

A baby cardigan (for no one in particular yet) knit by Leona.  We have the pattern in the shop and it includes a hat and scarf.

 Some fun! 
So Tuesday nights are getting a reputation.  This week we celebrated two birthdays.  Of course we don’t need a reason to celebrate.  We just enjoy each others company and try not to pester Leona too much.  There is usually a “kids” table and an “adult” table.  Join us if you dare…

The birthday girls on the right, the “adult” table on the left.

Lavish praise goes to Mary for her finished preemie caps.

 Deidre enthusiastically models a quick knit wristlet.  Here is the pattern.

Natalie helps Mary decide if it’s time to start decreasing.