This ‘n That

Who says only old ladies needlepoint?

 Lindsay Braiding Her Thread


We Are Planning A Party

What?  An Anniversary Party! With cake and door prizes!

Where?  Here at the shop, of course!

When?  February 1 all day (10 am – 3 pm)


Upcoming Classes

January 25 — Counted Thread #2 — $25 plus materials

This class features the ornament in the center.


February 8 — Top-down Baby Sweater — $25 plus materials

Leona's Baby Sweaters


The blue sweater is knit with Silly Stripes (100% cotton), the green one is knit with Cascade Yarns Pacific (wool/acrylic blend).   The model below is one year old.

Leona's Baby Sweater Modeled


February 22 — Lace Scarf — $25 plus materials

Leona's Lace After Blocking

The pattern is Winter Haven.  You will learn how to read a chart and how to read your knitting.  We are doing samples in two different yarns.  There will be a little work to do before class, so come in to choose your yarn.


March 8 — Counted Thread Ornament #3 — $25 plus materials

First photo on the left from the gallery above.


March 22 — Socks — $25 plus materials

Learn the basics of sock knitting and constructions.  We will do a basic cuff-down pattern with a heel-flap style heel.


March 29 — Hair & Fur Needlepoint Sampler — $25 plus materials

Learn stitches you can use to do hair and fur on your needlepoint projects.


April 5 — Setting Up A Project in knitCompanion — $25

We have done this class twice already and have had great feedback.  knitCompanion is an amazing iPad app that will make you a better knitter.  I promise!


May 3 — Reading Your Knitting — $25

Do you know how to tell if the stitch you are looking at is a knit stitch or a purl stitch?  What about a k2tog versus an SSK?  How do you tell why you ran out of stitches before finishing a part of your pattern?  And what if you need to tink (that’s knit spelled backwards) a row to fix a mistake?  We will cover techniques that will give you tools to fix mistakes in your knitting.


Christmas Knitting Ideas
Remember all that anxiety about getting your Christmas knitting done?  Well here are a few ideas to get you started on a stash of hand-knit gifts for Christmas 2014. Stop in the shop and we will help you choose a pattern.  These are quick knits so if you choose one each month, you’ll have quite a pile done in plenty of time and no stress!  Well, no knitting stress.

How about some fingerless gloves.

Janet's Fingerless Gloves
Janet’s Fingerless Gloves


Or a cowl

Of course, both the lace scarf or socks from the upcoming classes would make great gifts, as well.


Finished Objects


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  1. Just wanted to update – I am still in Rehab hospital in Huntsville Al Had the first hip replacement on Dec 7 and after a bout with pneumonia, started rehab. Hip popped out twice so I had another surgery to put more hardware in to secure the hip last week. Now I am back at Rehab Facility enjoying the “deep freeze” in my warm cozy surroundings. Haven’t really felt like knitting so far, but thinking I might this next week. Miss my visits to Diamondhead and all my knitting friends

    • Wow! What a ride. Leona’s husband is working up there for a month and will bring you supplies if you need something.

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary!! Wish we could be there but Jane is still not well !! Need a fix , miss seeing everyone.

  3. Hi,
    It has been a happy year coming over to
    The “French Knot”.
    Sorry I could not come last week but
    Hubby was in the hospital.
    I will see you very soon.

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