Rhyme Time

It’s time again for another rhyme,

I hope you will indulge me,

As I wax poetic about this place,

Where we feed our creativity.


I’ll start this poem off with new needlepoint,

For Christmas, to spruce up your place,

A wide variety of Minis and Santas,

Will put a big smile on your face.



Next up I’ll show you all new yarn,

To whet your appetite,

For something new to be casting on,

And keeping you up at night.


You may have seen, we moved some yarn,

To keep you on your toes,

This wall will now, for awhile at least,

Be where the sale yarn goes.


So now I’m on to the finished stuff,

That’s made by you and us,

We are so proud of all your work,

So we like to make a fuss.




To finish off this French Knot verse,

Snacks and Skills on Saturdays,

June 15 at 10 am,

Canvas borders in many ways.


7 thoughts on “Rhyme Time”

  1. Thanks for poem, I liked it a Lot-
    And for the sale wall of what you’ve got.
    We must make a trip to see the store,
    For as French Knot we’ve not seen it before.
    So onward and upward- “Excelsior” it’s said-
    For things to do projects now and ahead.

    • Thanks for the poem! That was great and put a smile on all our faces! Hurry up and come see us.

  2. Hi.
    Could you please tell me how much is the white owl canvas? I tried to hit reply to ask this question, but it bounced back.

    • Hi, Maureen. The first time a person leaves a comment, it has to be approved (to cut down on spam). You are now approved and will be able to comment all you want. The owl canvas is $43.

  3. Will there be another Santa class later? I be in Germany until the end of July and would love to take a class.

    Gabi Stroud

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