Times, they are a-changin….

An announcement.

Two of our talented employees have elected to leave the French Knot. As you know, Leona Cola has been a mainstay at the shop for a number of years and she has decided that it is time to retire. And although she will continue to be an avid knitter and needlepointer, she looks forward to the extra time to enjoy things in her life other than the day to day routine of working the shop.

Georgie Breard has also notified us that she will be leaving as she anticipates the joy of spending quality time with a new grand baby soon to arrive.

While there will be some changes and new faces, our goal is to maintain a high level of service to our customers, to provide a fun atmosphere of camaraderie for sharing our passions, and to provide you with new lines and quality products. While we will continue as before, please feel free to make recommendations that you feel will improve your experience at The French Knot.

Thanks to Leona and Georgie for their dedication and time to the French Knot.


A Sale

Since the finishing deadline for Halloween is July 31, The French Knot is putting all Halloween items on sale.  You can choose a canvas and work it up in time to have it back for “Ghouling Day”.   Stop in the store to view the many Halloween themed items we have. If not Halloween, you’re sure to find something else to stitch.


New Canvases


New Canvases from Jude
A few new canvases from Jude.


New Yarn



A New Book


50 Knitted Gifts
A book full of great projects.


Finished Objects







16 thoughts on “Times, they are a-changin….”

  1. Leona,#1 You may not retire! #2 Okay, when is your retirement date? I may have to come down there before then. I’m at a standstill with my 3 fish…….
    Susan Craig

  2. So glad I was able to get Leona’s help one more time before she rode off into the sunset. My attached I cord turned out beautifully. Thanks so much.

    Georgie, you always made me spend more than I planned!

    You will both be missed.

    Norah Bryant

  3. Oooooh Nooo, what are we to do? I felt this time would come for both of you to retire. You and Georgie are I will miss you both. Good luck in your endeavor(retirement)!!!. Thanks for all your help and guidance that you both gave me.

  4. I will miss both Leona and Georgie. Because of your beautiful pieces, I became interested in needlepoint. Thank you for being so patient with me with my Santa. Happy Retirement!

  5. No No No, I don’t like what ya’ll are doing. But I know when the time comes, you are ready. I hope that you two have the most wonderful retirement that any two people could ever have. I have always loved coming the the French Knot. And glad that I found two of the greatest. I hope this is not goodbye. I hope to see you in the French knot in the near future. Sitting there relaxing.
    I hope you two have a wonderful retirement.
    With a lot of helath and happeniss coming your way.
    Thanks for the friendship.
    Jan Friedlandr

  6. I love retirement and wouldn’t want to deny Leona and Georgie the pleasure, but I admit to panic and sadness with the news. I have learned so much from them. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Leona and Georgie, for all the help you gave me. If I’m still a sorry knitter, it’s not your fault. You were inspiring.

  7. Oh no! What are we to do?! You two deserve family time after pouring your hearts into the store. I will miss you both so very much. Thank you for your guidance, patience and instruction!
    Brenda Conlon

  8. Thank you, Deanne, for re-establishing contact with The French Knot for me through your blog.
    JSG (Jackie S. Gibson)

  9. All I can say is their replacements have some big shoes to fill. I only come to the Bay Area every 3-4 months (from Lafayette) but I always look forward to my visit to “the” yarn store and to get help with selections, ideas and helpful hints from Leona and Georgie. Enjoy your retirement ladies( and I hope you will be in the shop often so I can at least say hello.)

  10. Happy retirement, Leona and Georgie. What will I do without your wise counsel and instruction?!! You both were a tremendous help. Thank you, thank you.

  11. I am so disappointed that you both won”t be there to offer your guidance. Your expertise is exceptional and helped all of us to create items more lovely than we could have envisioned. Will miss you so much, but wish you well in your retirements.

    Judy Ownbey

  12. I’m so sorry to hear you are leaving as well, Georgie. You were always so much fun & so helpful. I know you are going to have loads of fun, finally having the time to play with all those chillen!! I wish you all the best!!!! Now I don’t know who I’m going to call to be sure I get what I need!

  13. Leona and Georgie, I want to thank you for your patience, kindness and advice evertime I went in the store. You will both be missed. Norma West

  14. I am so sad to hear that, two wonderful,kind and so smart and always helpful people are leaving the French Knot. What am I a beginner Needlepointer going to do? Your places are hard to fill! Have a happy and long Retirement both of you?:-(((((

  15. For sure, Leona will be missed all the way over in Montgomery, Alabama. We couldn’t get to the shop that often but loved it when she brought the shop and her many talents to us. Don’t be a stranger.

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