Top 10 Reasons Leona Shouldn’t Leave Town

10. Jane parks in front of the door.


9.  Georgie has to work on a Monday.

8.  Our delivery boy doesn’t bring us dinner.

7.  Someone has to rehang the unsold canvases.


6.   Strays follow her home with books of a questionable nature.



5.  Customers are denied her expertise.

4. Her work piles up.


3.  The unicorns rejoice.

2.  Georgie’s hair turns gray.


1.  The Knotty Knitters have no adult supervision.





And now for some more serious stuff.

A new blog feature…. Recipes.  If you’ve ever been here for a party you know that we can make some yummy stuff.  The first recipe to be featured comes from our very own Georgie.  Enjoy!

Mexican Corn Dip

2 cans mexicorn
2 sm can chopped green chilies
4 jalapeno peppers chopped (sm)
8 oz sour cream
1 cup mayo
10 oz (or whatever it is now) mexiblend cheese
¼ tsp sugar
4 chopped green onions

Mix and chill.  Serve with Fritos

And some very important Finishing information…

Designer pillows
, large stand-ups & 
kissing balls
Halloween… August 15
Thanksgiving/Hanukkah… August 23
Christmas… September 4
Christmas stockings & non-designer pillows (you choose the fabric)… October 9
Small ornaments & stand-ups… October 23
If the finishers accept an item after our due dates there will be an additional $25.00 rush charge applied to the item to be finished.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Leona Shouldn’t Leave Town”

  1. I love me some yarn bombs! Sooooo glad to be back in town to knit along with Knotty Knitters. Yayayayay Tuesday night!

  2. Caught in the act! Thank Goodness for The French Knot and all the Knotty Knitters, if not for them I’d go insane and yarn bomb something…oh wait. This truly was the best way to use up all my crunchy acryllic yarn so I can buy prettier ones from the store! I just wish I had seen Leona’s face! I didn’t even mind cleaning it all up 🙂 We love you Leona & Georgie!! You deserve thrones of yarn 24/7! Come to knit night ya’ll every Tues til 8pm – we need more accomplices!

  3. I was so sorry to have missed the yarn bombing, but glad that I got to experience it vicariously through the blog. Even cooler when I got to see it in person!

  4. Unicorns rejoice. Lol
    And hey, moderators, how come my picture (where I was exhibiting a digit) made it past y’all? Oh, wait, maybe a moderator posted it! Sneaky.

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