We’re Back

Well, Isaac has passed and The Stitch Niche survived with only some wet floors.  Stanley Steamer has been and gone.  Don’t worry though, no yarn or needlepoint was damaged.  Leona and Jane moved all the sale yarn away from the front windows and it has already been restored to it’s happy home.

Even in all the chaos, we have a few new things to share. 

All you knitters (especially you, Mary Ann) can come be inspired by the most recent Vogue Knitting magazine.  Check out that skirt!!!

We can all appreciate some new sparkle.   What you see here is a rack full of Hot-Fix Embellishments.  They are affixed with heat activated glue.  Leona put one on her candle holder (you can see the whole thing in the last post). 

 Of course to make room for it, Leona and Georgie had to move some stuff around…

 How about some finished objects?

Here are some pieces stitched by Yoko.  They are quite lovely, don’t you think?  I especially like the cherry blossoms.

Mary Ann finished the Key West Conch House.  Such fun colors.  Nicely done!

 Kerry finished a baby blanket.  Lucky baby!

It’s not a finished object, but…
Here is what a desperate knitter will do in a crises situation.  Isaac knocked out the power and a girl has to knit!