A Clever Title Eludes Me.

Last week I told you we were going to the ANG 2016 Seminar in New Orleans. We will be there from August 26 – September 2. While we are in NOLA, there will be needlepoint in Diamondhead since we are taking it all with us. Of course, the yarn will  be just as it always is. Come see us while we are there. The exhibits and shop are open to the public.


Upcoming Needlepoint Classes

We are planning a few needlepoint classes. How about a bracelet? Won’t that be fun? Mark your calendar for September 23 for the bracelet class. We have a selection of bracelets coming from Cheryl Schaeffer and Annie Lee Designs for the class, but you can see the designs here on their website.  Cost for this class is TBD.

On October 28, we will be doing a Voodoo Doll. We’ve done this one before, but it’s been awhile. The class is already almost full, so let us know if you want to join in. Cost for this class is $140 and includes everything.



UFO support group…

Let’s start a UFO (unfinished objects) support group.  It will be a judgement free zone. Dig deep and pull out those UFOs buried deep in the closet. We can help each other figure out where we stopped in the pattern all those months (or maybe years) ago. We will celebrate each other when we finish that UFO. And then, of course, we will inspire each other when it’s time to start a new one. Come by anytime for a session. Some days, it may be a private session. Some days it may be a group session. That’s one of the great things about The French Knot, you just never know who will be sitting around the table.

Here are some FOs to celebrate.

A few needlepoint FOs.

Two sweaters finished from the Sweater Workshop! Lovely job, Carole and Judy!