Hi. I’m back…[Update: changed FO picture display]

Did you miss us last week?  Sorry about that.  We’ve been getting some really great new things in the shop and we got so caught up in unpacking and setting up that the blog was shifted to the back seat temporarily.  But have no fear, we will show you what you missed.

First up…

… check out our Christmas wall.  Isn’t it awesome… and fabulous?  We knew you would like it.  You should come in and see it in person.




… new canvases have arrived.

Click on an image to enlarge it.

And look at these cute key fobs


Some new Needle and Scissor Bling





Some new fun stuff for knitters…






Saturday Snacks and Skills

This Saturday is the Santa class.  It’s too late for you to come, but we will post pictures next week of the fun you missed.


It’s not too late to join the Stranded Knitting class.  It’s August 17th and will cost $20 plus supplies.  We will be doing fingerless gloves.

Don’t be intimidated.  You can do this.  Come learn something new.  You’ll be surprised by how easy it is.


Reading Your Canvas.  September 7.  We rely very heavily on our dear Leona to guide us in choosing what stitches will look good on various parts of a canvas.  In this class, she will show how to choose stitches for ourselves.




The French Knot is now a knitCompanion Affiliate.

knitCompanion is an amazing iPad app that transforms your PDF patterns into highly interactive knitting instructions (iPhone and iPod Touch too). It is a complex app that allows you to easily read charts, count rows, and make notes.  Check it out here.  Since we’ve discovered it, we have been singing its praises to all who will listen.

knitCompanion also offers kClub.  kClub is an annual club where members can interact with designers, fiber artists and crafters.  There are Designer Spotlights, KALs, Special Events and special knitCompanion training sessions.  Read more about it here.

The French Knot is now a knitCompanion affiliate.  We are very excited about this partnership and hope to soon be knitCompanion instructors, and offer formal, detailed classes on the many features of knitCompanion.

Check out knitCompanion if you haven’t already.  If you already have knitCompanion, consider joining kClub.  Stop by for a chat (or email, or call) if you have any questions.


Ravelry pattern sales

You can now purchase patterns available on Ravelry through The French Knot.

… Ravelry has a huge database of patterns by thousands of designers.  Many are free, some are not.  For various reasons someone may not be able to purchase directly through Ravelry.  Now a large number of those patterns are available to purchase through The French Knot.  This is a great service and we are very excited to be able to offer it.


Georgie’s Santa Update.

Georgie is making great progress on her Amanda Lawford Santa.


Are you ready for some Finished Objects?


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      Fixed it, but didn’t like how it was being displayed, so I changed it to an image list until I can get better at slideshows. Alas, so much to learn.

  1. Please put me on the list for the fingerless gloves or stranded knitting whatever we are calling it.
    Thanks Sandy

  2. Would like to sign up for Stranded knitting class if there are any openings. Please let me know.

  3. Hi!!!!!!!! Would like to sigh up for the fingerless glove class on 8/17. Should we get our supplies ahead of time????? Details please!!!!!
    Have missed you, Leona & Georgie!!!!!

    • Hi,

      We will add you to the class. You should come in for supplies and pre-work instructions.


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