Is It August Already?

I am happy and sad that it is August already.  I’m sad because it’s so stinking hot!  I’m happy because we have some great things happening around here this month.


One of the great things happening here is the book signing.  Terri DuLong is the author of the Cedar Key Series.  Terri’s characters are knitters and needlepointers.  She will be in the shop from 1-3 on Wednesday, August 21st to sign books.  You can buy a copy here, if you don’t already have one.

Speaking of books, did you know that the Knotty Knitters have a book club?  We have a group on Ravelry.  You can find it here.  We have a group for the shop on Ravelry as well.  We discuss lots of things over there.  If you haven’t discovered Ravelry yet, you should check it out.  It is a great resource.


Of course we have classes happening in August.

First up is Stranded Knitting on August 17th.  Cost for this class is $20 plus your supplies.  If you are registered for this class you need to come in to get the pre-class instructions and materials.

On August 31 is Finishing a Garment.  Cost is $25.  If you have the pieces of a garment that you’ve put off sewing together, this is the perfect opportunity to get over that hurdle.  If you don’t have pieces to sew up, you could start now on a baby sweater.  Stop in for some help choosing a project.

Of course the fun won’t stop in September.  September 7th is Reading Your Canvas.  Cost is $40.  Bring a canvas and learn how to choose stitches.  You need a stitch reference book.

September 14th will be Setting Up A Project in knitCompanion.  Cost is $25.  knitCompanion is an amazing iPad app that will make your knitting so much easier.  We will walk you through the process of setting up a project to get ready to knit.  You can learn more about knitCompanion here.

What else do I love about August?  How about these new canvases?





And in August, Georgie finished stitching her Amanda Lawford stand-up santa.  It’s already off to the finisher.  You can be sure we will post a picture of it when it comes back, and it will reside here at the shop except during the Christmas season when it will be helping to make her home festive.

Amanda Lawford stand-up santa, stitched by Georgie
Georgie finished her Amanda Lawford stand-up santa.

It’s rather impressive, isn’t it?


How about some finished objects?



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  1. Awesome, Georgie !! I love the stitches on the dark blue cape . Can’t wait to see it hanging in the shop!!

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