New This Week!

Ernie stopped by this week and brought us some goodies.  We made him stop for a moment to take his picture.  Then we got busy.


Look what we got…

Some new patterns


Some more new patterns


Some pattern books to help you decide what to make with…


…all this new yarn.

What you see here is Mohair Mountain, Cotton Supreme Splash, Poems Chunky, Poems Silk, Poems Puzzle, Poems Socks, Poems, Classic Shades, Saki Silk, Deluxe Worsted, and Bamboo Bloom.


Don’t forget about the Snacks and Skills on Saturday.

April 20 (Needlepoint), Voodoo Doll Class, $150, includes canvas, threads and stitch guide.


May 4 (Knitting), Cable Without a Cable Needle, $20, includes pattern and yarn.

June 15 (Needlepoint), Dealing with Borders, $20, bring a work in progress that needs a border.

 Mark your calendar.


Now for some finished objects.

Sarah finished these two pillows.



Eileen stitched this one.


Georgie made this sweet sweater for her soon to be born granddaughter.  The pattern, along with lots of other adorable patterns is in this book.


Leona made this blanket for Georgie’s soon to be born granddaughter.  The pattern is Diagonal Eyelet Baby Blanket from Lion Brand.


These pods were knit by Eileen to have her grandbaby’s picture taken in.



4 thoughts on “New This Week!”

  1. Wow amazing stuff, so glad the store did not close!
    Hope to be in soon to check it out.
    Georgie’s baby sweater is adorable, hope to see photo’s of the granddaughter!

  2. Beautiful work! My favorite item is the needlepoint color wheel pillow. It is fantastic! I can’t attend the voodoo doll session but will come to the border class. You guys do a project SO FAST!

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