Progress Can Be Painful

Things have been extremely busy around here.  We are in the midst of implementing a point of sale system.  Of course this process is good in many ways.  While putting items in the program, we have run across a few things that you may not know about, or maybe you’ve seen before, but just forgotten.  So I thought I’d share a few with you.  Maybe this will become a regular feature as we progress in the POS (that’s Point Of Sale) adventure.

First up let me show you these Counted Thread Patterns.

Next up, a little reminder of all the tools and accessories we keep behind the checkout desk.  Needles, scissors, lanyards, magnifiers, thimbles, storage, highlighter tape, scroll frames, stretcher bars, lights, grime stoppers.  I think that about covers it.


On the left below you will see our selection of Lavishea Yarn Bars.  These are lotion bars and we have a wide variety of fragrances, including unscented.

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And on the right is a sampling of Gadget Bags.  As you can see in the picture there are lots of colors to choose from.  We also have a variety of sizes.


Now for some new stuff.  I know you enjoy seeing new things as much as we do.  Of course, you won’t have any trouble finding something new in here any time you stop by.  There is sure to be something you haven’t noticed before.  This week’s new stuff is all from Appalachian Baby.  We have Organic Baby Cotton, lots of kits, and some new patterns.



And now, last but not least, we have some finished objects.  If you have one you would like to share with our friends, bring it in and we will take a picture.



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  1. We just got back from San Diego . I spent “my” time designing for the rug I’m making. It is going to be a longggg project!! Why do I always choose these LONG projects?!!! Cause I LOVE it!

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