A Quick Update

Things are progressing nicely here with our new Point of Sale system.  We continue to learn as we go, but we can now use it for sales.  So now we plan to get back to our regular blog update schedule.


A Pretty Little Girl In A Pretty Little Dress


Some stuff you need to know…

Finishing deadlines.

Puffy ornaments, designer pillows, kissing balls, large stand-ups, vases, card boxes, purses (not including Julie Pishke Bags).

Halloween…July 31

Thanksgiving…August 27

Christmas…September 3

Stockings and non-designer pillows…September 20

Small ornaments & stand-ups… October 23


Upcoming Class

May 3 — Reading Your Knitting

Do you know how to tell if the stitch you are looking at is a knit stitch or a purl stitch?  What about a k2tog versus an SSK?  How do you tell why you ran out of stitches before finishing a part of your pattern?  And what if you need to tink (that’s knit spelled backwards) a row to fix a mistake?  We will cover techniques that will give you tools to fix mistakes in your knitting.



Finished Objects