Some Things I Hope You’ll Find Interesting

The Swoon in June Sale

25% off needlepoint canvases

(excludes full sized stockings, mini stockings with stuffers, New Orleans and select Halloween)

25% off most yarn (there are a few exclusions).



Saturday Snacks and Skills Classes

June 15 — Dealing with Borders (needlepoint).  You can bring in a canvas you are currently working on, or has been neglected because you just don’t know what to do with the edge, or you can take advantage of the sale and pick a new canvas.  The class is $20 and you will be treated to some munchies while you learn.  You can peruse our canvases here.


July 20– Santa Class.  Cost is $150 ($75 due at registration), which includes the canvas, threads, stitch guide, instruction and of course some snacks.  Here are the Santa canvases to choose from.





August 17 — Stranded Knitting.  That is not a class about what to knit when you are stranded.  It is a class on color-work.  Here is an example of stranded knitting.  Cost is $20 plus supplies.





Progress report

I’m sure you are all interested in Georgie’s Santa progress.  I know I am.  So far it is looking pretty amazing.


We’ve restocked some popular books

As well as the ever popular Welcoming Home Baby.


Are there any spinners out there?

Stacey brought her drum carder on Tuesday and our Knotty Knitters had fun trying their hand at something new.  She led us through the process of carding wool.  Olivia just happened in at the right time and got in on the fun.  She was very enthusiastic.








A Recipe

Apple Casserole

Cream together: 1 stick oleo and 1 cup sugar

Add 1/2# Velveeta cheese, 3/4 cup flour

Spread 1 can sliced apples (packed in water) in buttered dish. Spread cheese mixture on top

Bake at 350 for 30 minutes



Finished Objects





6 thoughts on “Some Things I Hope You’ll Find Interesting”

  1. Please save sock monkey tape measure for me and I’ll see ya’ll on the 15th. Also the ort keepers are great. When mine gets full I take the scraps and drape them on bushes for bird nest material. Fun to see how fast they disappear!!

  2. I am the human who Bought a sack of knitting yarn prior to the new ownership.

    I’ve Knitted 2 sweaters. Just started The next summer top. I love my Yarns it’s great to work with .and Off course the colors

    I have not been in the shop for a while and need to come to buy more yarn
    I enjoy the news each month.

    • I’m so happy you like your yarn and of course we look forward to seeing you again real soon. Bring your sweaters in to show, or send us a picture, maybe you’ll make the Finished Objects section on the blog.

  3. We will save the sock monkey tape for you Sue.

    Jami…the jury is out on the superhuman powers.

    Irene: Come on in and stock up on some more yarn! Your stash is getting low.


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