It Sure Was An Adventure

Once there was a store, with friends far and wide,
That was invited to go on the road,
So they packed their wares in a great big truck,
It was an impressive large, heavy load.

Thread, thread, thread

The walls left behind, were a little bit sad,
And we’re sorry to those caught off guard,
By the shock of seeing the needlepoint gone,
When their day of shopping was marred.

We arrived at the show, and the hard work began,
To set up for our new friends to shop,
Their kindness and praise made it all worthwhile,
And the next three days went by non-stop.


All set up                        Reward after all that work

Now we are home and somewhat recovered,
Still unpacking and setting things straight,
We are looking forward to what comes up next,
So keep checking in, it’ll be worth the wait.



5 thoughts on “It Sure Was An Adventure”

  1. I’m here in the a.c. knitting like mad;
    Are there any good yarn deals there to be had?
    My stash is healthy but in need of a lift,
    especially with reason that’s listed as “thrift”.

  2. Set that poem to music! I can see all of you now, performing! That could be at the next trunk show—dancing and singing the poem! Yeah, sounds good.

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