Things to Like About June

Georgie will finally get a grandDAUGHTER (who happens to be due to arrive on Deanne’s birthday).



It’s easy to spell.


A sale at your favorite needlepoint and knitting store.

Oh, that one caught your eye, did it?  Well I suppose you want the particulars.  Here you go…

25% off needlepoint canvases

(excludes full sized stockings, mini stockings with stuffers, New Orleans and select Halloween)

25% off most yarn (there are a few exclusions).


Another thing to like about June is the Saturday Snacks and Skills class.  It is on June 15 and is Dealing with Borders (needlepoint).  You can bring in a canvas you are currently working on, or has been neglected because you just don’t know what to do with the edge, or you can take advantage of the sale and pick a new canvas.  The class is $20 and you will be treated to some munchies while you learn.  You can peruse our canvases here.


While we are discussing Saturday Snacks and Skills, let me remind you of more upcoming classes.

July is the Santa Class.  This one is $150 ($75 due at registration), which includes the canvas, threads, stitch guide, instruction and of course some snacks.  Here are the Santa canvases to choose from.









August will be Stranded Knitting.  That is not a class about what to knit when you are stranded.  It is a class on colorwork knitting.  Here is an example of stranded knitting.  August 17, cost is $20 plus supplies.


We want to see your finished objects.

Here is some needlepoint.








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  1. What are your hours Thursday?
    Do you have the white owl canvas in stock?
    What is the charge for a stitch guide for it?

    Maureen Frost
    Mobile, AL

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