We Had A Little Party

We had a party…

…but we called it a class.  Fifteen people came to work on Santa canvases of their choosing.  A good time was had by all, new friendships were forged and no one left hungry.  Everyone had a custom stitch guide for their canvas.  I, for one, am looking forward to seeing them all stitched.






Which reminds me…

Did you know that we have more classes coming up?

Next up is Stranded Knitting on August 17.  Cost is $20 plus supplies. There is pre-class work necessary for this class, so you need to come in to choose your supplies, get the pattern and instructions.  Call the shop if you have questions.


Reading Your Canvas…September 7…price hasn’t been set yet.

So you have a new canvas, but don’t know how to choose the stitches.  This is the class for you.  You will need some stitch resources for this class.  Two that we highly recommend are:

The Needlepoint Book by Jo Ippolito Christensen for $25 and Stitches to Go by Suzanne Howren & Beth Robertson for $20.

We have both books available for purchase here at the shop.


We’ve had a few new canvases come in.


We continue to make little changes around the shop and we hope you like them… well the Christmas wall isn’t a little change, but these other things are.


And some big news!!!

We now take Paypal.

This means if you want to call in an order, we can email you an invoice through Paypal.  This is a great option that will make phone orders even more convenient.  Thanks to Sharon for being our guinea pig.


Who wants to see Georgie’s Amanda Lawford Santa?

Click on the picture to enlarge it.


And a few finished objects?




15 thoughts on “We Had A Little Party”

  1. It was a great class. I enjoyed it so much. Thank you Georgie, Leona, and Meg for all your help teaching me to needlepoint. Also, thank you to all the others who worked to make the class a success. The food was delicious too. I hope you will share the recipes for the Georgie’s dip and the Meg’s slaw and potato salad.

    • JB, the recipe for Georgie’s dip is on a previous blog. But, here it is again.

      Mexican Corn Dip

      2 cans mexicorn
      2 sm can chopped green chilies
      4 jalapeno peppers chopped (sm)
      8 oz sour cream
      1 cup mayo
      10 oz (or whatever it is now) mexiblend cheese
      ¼ tsp sugar
      4 chopped green onions

      Mix and chill. Serve with Fritos

  2. The Santa needlepoint class was so much fun. As always, Leona did a great job of selecting the stitches and fibers for each canvas. The stitches are very fancy, but fast. I’m almost finished mine! I am looking forward to the stranding class.

  3. Please add me to the August class. I sent a request last Thursday but got no response so don’t know if you got it

  4. Yes yes yes!! I want the Sept class on choosing stitches. I have the books but not the knowledge so count on me

  5. Hi to all. Looks like you have been having great fun! Don’t know how I missed being on the new email, but I did. Please add me to the list. Thanks to Cathie for getting me back in the loop.

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