The Chief will be home soon.

We tried to misbehave this week, but it’s been too busy.  Leona will be back next week, so we will soon miss our chance.  We’ve heard that The Chief is having a great time and may have a hard time getting back to work so go easy on her for a few days.

Since Halloween is just a few weeks away, here is a little reminder of all the Halloween canvases you can choose from.  Come in and check them out or go right now and look at them here.

We have just a few new things to show you.

  New copies of Needlepoint Now magazine
A new color of Marble Baby

And Malabrigo Aquarella.
It is a super bulky weight with a gauge of 2.25 stitches per inch on a size US13.
A skein is 65 yards for $13.60
And now the Finished Object Hall of Fame (of one).

Lavish Praise for Jamie for three finished objects.
First up is Clapotis.  
And by happy coincidence the yarn worked out to be LSU colors. 
The yarn is Art Yarns Regal Silk.  

Next up is Gauss knit by Jamie and modeled by Aubrey.
And last but not least from Jamie, this very cute little wallet.  
Good job, Jamie.  We are very proud of you.

The Cat’s Away…

…. but don’t worry Leona, the mice will behave!

We wouldn’t dare misbehave while the Chief is on vacation.  Besides, Georgie is quite capable of keeping us in line.

Well, most of the time.

This is most definitely NOT a picture of yours truly “helping” Leona finish her wall hanging.  Although it’s possible that she might not have finished it before she left on her trip if she hadn’t had the help of her dedicated friends.  Besides, that seems like a completely reasonable canvas to learn to needlepoint on, don’t you think?

Look, she finished it.  It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Some people might be taking the opportunity to lounge around while Leona is gone, but Katie is definitely not one of them.  She spent months working on this beach blanket.  It is a bag that opens out into a blanket.  That is the i-cord she is finishing.  It will weave through the eyelets to cinch it closed when it’s a bag.

Deidre is only shirking a little bit.  She finished that needlepoint canvas quite quickly, but that scarf languished for over a year, I’m told.  I cropped the picture because the camera caught her blinking and I’m sure she wouldn’t forgive me if I put that on the internet. 

Our dear Natalie isn’t loafing.  She has been working on a hat, but not the one she is wearing.  That is one Leona Julie finished and will be donated for a cancer patient to keep warm.  If you would like to participate in our monthly chemo cap challenge, there are no rules, just knit one, drop it off here and someone will deliver them to Memorial Hospital. 

And now for two finished objects from Nonnie.  The pillow on the left has come back from the finisher and the pagoda on the right has been sent off to be finished.

This adorable little coin purse is a sample of what these canvases can become.

A Full Blog!

This week I’d like to direct you to all the lovely pillow canvases.  Now, of course these don’t have to be finished as pillows.  They can be framed and their beauty can be enjoyed as artwork hanging on the wall of your home (or the home of some lucky recipient).  You can see them all on our website right here.

Also, of special note is our Marble Chunky and Baby Marble Double Knit. We got a few new colors this week. For some inspiration you could check out Ravelry.  There is a lot you can do with this stuff!

We have some new buttons to show off.  Aren’t they dear?  They are deer antler.  They can be yours for between $0.40 and $0.60 depending on the size.

We are putting some stuff on sale…
 All regular HiyaHiya metal circular needles are now 40% off.  
All past issues of knitting magazines are 40% off.

How about some Finished Objects!!!

Bev finished a baby blanket.

BFFs Suzanne and Deanne finished some socks.

Bev did some baby knitting as well (seems like what Bevs like to do).  These are some cozy cocoons from Welcoming Home Baby.

Lisa has been very busy.  She finished a camisole and she is the first of the Terra Linda Knit-a-long group to finish her sweater.  Very nice job, Lisa!

Susan finished her alligator.  He is on his way to the finisher and will come back as a box pillow.

Deidre has finished two projects recently, the Color Affection Shawl by Veera Välimäki and the Lady Edith Shawl by Karrie Steinmetz. 

Keep those Finished Objects coming!!