It’s A Bling Thing

Today is a bit of a simple post. There has been lots of needlepointing, knitting and crocheting going on at the Stitch Niche.  Remember… the ladies that keep our favorite shop running smoothly are really good at answering questions and offering advice.  Sometimes another set of eyes can be just the thing to help you get over your creative slump. So while you ponder what project to start next, I’ll show you some great ways to embellish what you have and brag on our friends and their great finished objects. 

Buttons and sequins and beads, oh my!




And now for those finished objects.  What did you finish recently?

Janet finished a scarf, and some other stuff, too.  But the scarf is the only thing I got a picture of.


Leona’s “rug” came back from the finisher.  I showed it to you before it went off to be finished.  It’s a rug, but no one will be walking on this amazing canvas.  It will hang on the wall.  You should stop by and look closely at it.  It is quite lovely.


Remember these cuties?


Georgie has been busy. 


Nonnie finished this lovely canvas.

And from our knitters this week, we have some socks from Deanne, a shawl knit by Julie and modeled by her lovely daughter, Sarah and a sweater from Lisa.

Which Witch is Which?

In October each year,
Scary things might appear,
Coming at you from hither and yon.

But a few of our friends,
Like to make their own trends,
And have fun before Halloween’s gone.

So, how about you?
And your Halloween crew?
How do you get your spooky groove on?
Will you party all night, 
Dressed up like a fright,
Or chase kids away from your lawn?


Well, there is a little bit of a debate going on in the shop…
I’m not saying which witch is which, but some people might have an idea.


Of course there are lots of needlepoint witches to stitch.  Here is a sampling.  You can see more here.




We got some new needlepoint canvases this week.


A set of tags.  Pretty cute, aren’t they.  Some ideas for finishing these are ornaments or gift tags.  You can probably think of something else as well.


These are just in as well.  You saw the pirate ship finished last week, and the cat was featured as a finished object the week before that. 

For you knitters, we have some new books to show you.  Of course, to really appreciate a book full of patterns, you have to come in and leaf through it.  Don’t be shy, we like visitors.


And now it’s time for some finished objects.


Beach Feet by Virginia, finished as a pillow.

UntitledSusan got back from the finisher a pillow and an ornament this week.

Deanne wrapped up a few projects this week.  A baby blanket, a sachet for a bride and a bunch of washcloths.



The amazing Lisa finished another sweater.



Look at great finished objects!
Lavish Praise, Ladies!

Trick and Treat…

Stop by and learn some new tricks while you make yourself a few treats.

Here is a treat for you knitters and crocheters.  Check out our stock of eleven different Araucania yarns.  You will find a nice variety of fibers and weights, from fingering to chunky in wool, cotton and even alpaca.

Here is a sampling of a few of the options.
From Knitter’s Pride we now have 16″ Interchangeables and some bags to store them in.


An inside shot.

You needlepointers can learn some tricks using some new colors from Caron.  Wildflowers comes in a 36 yard skein of hand-dyed cotton.  Watercolours is a 3 ply pima cotton and comes in a 10 yard skein.  Here is the new palette.  Aren’t they pretty?


To help inspire your creativity be sure to treat yourself to a magazine featuring your craft.  Here are two new ones.  We have some older issues on sale as well.


See those spiders on the cover of Needlepoint Now?  We have several of those canvases along with some spider “legs” to put them in to finish them up.  You know you want to do one so you better come pick one out before they are gone.


Oh, the treats just keep coming!!!

Now for some finished objects.

From the flying fingers of Leona we have a pirate ship and a spaceman ornament.  Some of those pirate ship threads glow in the dark.  It’s pretty cool.


Jeanne is sending a wallet off to be finished.
Joanne has a belt going off to the finisher.

This adorable little guy is destined to be a pillow for Carol.

Our knitters have been busy as well.

Mary finished a beautiful scarf.  Lavish praise!


Syndi has been busy.  She finished a beautiful little sweater and hat set for her new grandson.  And she is ready for a blustery Mississippi winter with her hat and fingerless glove set.


Stacy is showing off an awesome pair of socks she knitted and her friend is modeling the wedding veil and capelet she crocheted.

It’s Already October!!!

Can you believe that October has already arrived?  Time keeps flying by.  But at The Stitch Niche you can sit for a little while and just let it go on by.  It will be time well spent.

If you are a needlepointer, you can spend some of that time stitching something like this…

It may end up looking like this, which is a carpet bag stitched by our very own Georgie.  
Lavish praise, Georgie.


Or one of these fun new canvases.

You can use some of these new Kreinik Colors.  We have them in sizes 4, 8, 12 and 16.

For the knitters among us, a friendly reminder that the HiyaHiya steel circular needles are on sale… 40% off.  Stock up now.

And for Halloween inspiration.  Check out the felted pumpkin.  You can find the pattern here.

Now for some finished objects…

Georgie has been busy.  That’s a flying witch on the washcloth.  Do you sense a theme here?

Leona has been busy as well.  She finished some snowman ornaments, a scarf, some hats, a sweater and the cutest little snail you ever saw.


Gail Ann got a stocking back from the finisher and is sending a 12 Days of Christmas at the Beach ornament off to be finished.

And by Yoko, we have a Japanese Wedding Kimono canvas.

 Patty finished this amazing canvas.

Dee finished some stockings for her cats.

We put our young knitters to work modeling some finished objects this past Tuesday.  On the left, we have Marley modeling Guernsey Wrap (pattern by Jared Flood) knit by Suzanne.  In the middle is a pair of leg warmers knit by Christina, one of our new knitters.  And on the right we have a set done by Joani.  She was inspired by the awesome dress on the cover of Vogue.

On the left we have Glimfeather knit by Marilyn for her mom.

And on the right we have a sweet little bunny knit by Pam.

Thanks for all the finished objects everyone.  Keep them coming!