A Short Update For You

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the October 10, 2013 edition of News From The Knot.  Today you will see a few new Halloween canvases, a knit sample of the new yarn I showed you last week, a few reminders of things you may have forgotten (or maybe you never knew), and of course finished objects.  So let’s get started, shall we.


First up… new stuff.



Which reminds me…


How cute would a Halloween tree decorated with candy corn ornaments be?  These are small.  You could finish these really fast.

That’s not the only new stuff to show you…



Which reminds me…

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We have a lot of needle and scissor bling.  The needle bling is a super strong magnet that you can attach to your canvas.  Your needle rests there when you are not using it, so you won’t lose it.  The scissor bling attaches to your scissors, making them easy to find.   There is something for everyone.  We have alligators, ladybugs, crowns, bees, snails, flowers, bunnies, Hello Kitty, fish, frogs, roosters, pigs, dogs, pineapples, elephants, flamingos, teapots, turtles, owls, pumpkins, stars, polar bears, a mouse and a martini glass.  Some people have been known to wear the needle bling as jewelry.  And others have used the scissor bling as a key ring.


A sample…



Which reminds me… remember this new yarn from last week?


It’s called Funky Felts and is 100% polyester.  That means it will be a breeze to care for.  The gauge for this yarn is 11 stitches and 13 rows for four inches on US17 needles.  That means it knits up really fast.  It is incredibly soft and we also have some patterns designed specifically for it.  That hat knit up in a few hours and is super squishy soft.


Sock Class

— Session One — This Saturday, October 12, 10 am.  Come join us.  The second session is October 26, and the cost is $40 (plus supplies) for both sessions.  In the first session we will cast on, work the cuff and leg.  In the second session we will cover how to do the heel and the foot.


Did you know…

… our canvases are on our website.  You can see them by letting your mouse hover over “Needlepoint” above, then click on “Canvases.”  There you can browse canvases to your heart’s content.  Or you can just click here.  Happy Browsing!

… we give free lessons for both knitting and needlepoint.

… Knit Night on Tuesday nights and Stitch ‘n Bitch all day Wednesdays.

… finishing deadline for small ornaments and small stand-ups in time for this Christmas is October 23.  That’s less than two weeks.


 And now for some finished objects…